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Entry #1

Sound Designer here

2015-07-09 12:51:21 by SonicProvision

Whats up Newgrounds.

When I was a wee teenager I used to be very active on Newgrounds posting nonsense and play games all day. As soon as I hit puberty i was not very active anymore, in the mean time I attended at a Sound Design school. and I can now call myself a professional audio engineer/sound designer.

My username used to be 'seolhyun' but now (thanks to Wade Fulp) it has been changed to Sonic Provision. My professional company name. I'd like to contribute to this awesome community by helping animators/gamedesigners out with their audio struggles. So I hope to find awesome artists to collaborate with.

In case you're curious about my sounds, check out my demo:

the voice over is done by Alix Spurlock.

So that't pretty much all for now. Have a nice day.



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